Trending Sarees You Cannot Afford To Miss

Trending Sarees You Cannot Afford To Miss

No matter how much you love airy dresses and airy skirts, there is nothing quite as elegant and light as a summer saree. A true classic that no Indian wardrobe will ever complete. Most often intended as a special occasion or wedding outfit, but with the right choice of fabrics and colors you can find sarees for almost any occasion. Breathable Cotton From airy, lightweight chiffon to luxurious organza that drapes dreamily and is perfect for evening events, this fabric is versatile. 
If you want to revisit it with a fresh twist, consider pairing the saree with a modern blouse, an off-the-shoulder silhouette and modern neckline, or a silk shirt. We look to our favorite celebrity Instagram accounts for inspiration, proving that six-foot grace shouldn't be reserved for wedding season only. Instead of a blouse, she wore a pleated Payal Khandwala ensemble paired with a high-necked bodice to create a very practical summer look. We kept things bright and modern with a Malhotra number and paired it with contrasting 
Whether you’re attending a black-tie affair or enjoying an afternoon lunch with the girls, there are plenty of summer sarees to pick from for every occasion. Scroll through the gallery to start your summer saree shopping spree.

The Quick Saree 

Here's how to give your conventional sarees a stylish and comfortable upgrade. Ready To Wear Sarees are the latest talk of the town and for all the right reasons. With gorgeous Pallus and ethnicity of a saree minus the fuss of it, Pre Stitched Sarees are perfect for a contemporary appearance for your gatherings. These ready-to-wear saree will not only look chic, but it will also save people who are not experts at neatly draping a saree. A crop top with bell sleeves and a large embroidered belt will make your Inner Stylista Shine.

Extra Is Always Cool, You Know 

Just in case you thought sarees were getting a little saturated, these trends are here to prove otherwise. Think Neons, Frills, Ruffles, Tassels and Exaggerated Shoulders to pair up with the subtlety of the six feet. These give a lovely, dreamlike appearance thanks to their frill design and tassels. When you dart inside your jazzy party night, you can nail the ethnic style and be super-trendy at the same time. 

Satin Saree

Sarees do have their inherent charm which no ensemble even reaches close to emulate. But with the contemporary fashion narratives, sarees have entered the Clubbing and Partying territory, and we’re all for it. A satin saree is inevitably going to make you stand out from the crowd. A fashion favorite of celebrities–Satin Sarees are having their walk of fame moment on the Fashion pedestal right now and trust us, it is the perfect time to hop onto that bandwagon. 
If you believe that sarees are fit only for festivities, you might wanna add Cocktail Parties and Regular Get Together to your saree-wearing venues. Let these satin sarees make guidelines for you and shatter the notion of saree’s appropriation with traditional appeal only. Satin sarees can easily become a stylish addition to any girl's party wardrobe. 
A perfect alternative for your get-togethers, when the royal  opulence and sheen of satin blends with your drapes, sorcery happens. 

Saree-Sharara, Yes Yes Yes 

And you believed that sarees were simply sarees! The sharara is unquestionably one of the many saree variations available. You may rock the appearance and attract attention with your distinctive sense of style by wearing this saree that resembles a sharara. You can create a unique look with the aid of the floral appeal, designer appeal, contemporary belt, and pre-pleated comfort.
If you're thinking about how to drape party wear sarees, you already know how. You can wear your saree with a trendy crop top or just a plain T-shirt, add a belt, carry a stole, accessorize with a jacket, alter the way you drape it, swap out your blouse for peplums, and more. For your metamorphosis from a traditional diva to a fashion babe,  offers various cutting-edge styles including the dhoti saree, sharara saree, gown saree, and ready-to-wear sarees.

Net Embroidered Sarees 

Net Sarees are having impeccable dominance yet again and we’re all for it. For Millennials and GenZs growing up in the early 2000s Net Sarees dominated TVs and Movie Premieres alike. From the sought-after Komolika to Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra, net sarees were a fashion hegemony, and just like another iconic 90s trend, they are back and in their full glory. 
Our Signature Emerald Green Net Saree with hand embroidered ethnic motifs on the body is a Modern Woman's favorite.  This enchanting Net Saree comes with a striking silver border making it perfect for Parties, Weddings and Other Festivities. 
Sarees have entered the Partying territory and nothing screams parties like Disco Balls and Dusty Blue Net Saree which resembles Priyanka Chopra’s iconic sarees from the Desi Girl Music Video. 

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