How To Look Slim And Lean In Kurtis, Our Fashion Experts Reveal *SASSY Secrets*

How To Look Slim And Lean In Kurtis, Our Fashion Experts Reveal *SASSY Secrets*

We get it, working out is crucial and we should be indulging in Physical Exercises, every damn day, but the highly anticipated event is in merely a few days, and that last slice of Pizza is too good to be true. 
As a college girl, whether it is an Ethnic Day and you wish to increase your crush’s heartbeat in All Desi Drenched, or you want to wear Ethnics as your Workwear, looking leaner and slimmer in our Desi Outfits is something we always long for, right. 
Well, guess what, our in house Fashion Experts spill the tea on your secrets of looking slim in ethnic outfits. Mind us, these tips are used by famous stylists of your Bollywood Celebrities, and works well every time. 
Remember, Proportion Is Always The Key When Looking Slim Is The Aim

Correct Colour Palette

Continuing to walk the discourse of a well balanced proportion, dark colours are your best bet. As per our inhouse fashion expert who serves tremendous Content Creators, Models and High Profile Businesswomen, In ethnic wear, especially Kurtis, choosing darker hues can help you look leaner. Now, this does not imply that merely black is an option available for you. Choose from Albeli Ekam’s endless selection of kurtis in shades including brown, maroon, navy blue, and emerald green. Not only will these shades subtly conceal your bulges, but enhance your overall disposition. 


Fabrics that cling might not be the best option if looking leaner and slimmer is what you plan to go for. We’d recommend georgette kurtis instead, along with silks, cotton, and linen, to be fashionable! At Albeli Ekam, our designers ensure that you are spoiled for choices and the runway trends land straight to your wardrobe. So, rather than choosing a Kurti which is way too clingy head-to-toe, choose a Kurti which has flares towards the bottom. Peplum Kurtis are a perfect and non negotiable way of looking slimmer, the more flares it has, the better. 
As we mentioned, proportions are crucial to look slim so since your Kurtis are going to be flared all around, go for a Pyjama, or a legging which is body-skimming. Now since we’re talking flares, dazzling Shararas are a great option too if looking leaner is what you’re aiming for. 
See, we wanna go a little, baggy, but again, not at all overdo. 

Add Ons

You can experiment with adding a belt, a short jacket (they are practically everywhere, you know), or perhaps, a long shrug. Another tactic that could help you easily conceal that flab is phenomenal layering. See, we do not want to suppress your curves, we simply want to wear ensembles that ensure we feel confident in them and silhouettes that complement them. 
For that, an appearance with a long jacket, chiffon scarf, or attractive belt is chef’s kiss (Perfect). If you are concerned about your body fat in thigh areas making you underconfident, a straight-fit pair of pants or a flared palazzo will work just as well. By the way, At Albeli Ekam, the Oh-S0-Gorgeous collections of Kurtis will make your wardrobe a contemporary makeover it ardently deserves. 

Accessorize Bestie

Now that you know about the contrasting color palettes and breezy flares, it’s time to get your accessories right. Now, remember, we want to keep everything proportionate, meaning–If your Kurta is heavy, do not overdo it with your jewelry. A statement earpiece will suffice. However, if your Kurti is a simple, printed one, you can go for statement junk pieces to accentuate your leaner disposition. Good accessories assist in making your look come together concealing attention from your bulges. 
As per our fashion forecasters, “The statement that accessories can make or break an ensemble is unavoidable. Choose the appropriate accessories for the situation, the sort of clothing you are wearing, and your body type. With less ornaments and medium-sized earrings, a round face looks terrific. A thick neck looks good with stud earrings.”

Palazzo Crop Tops

This designer piece is just one example of how Indian ethnic clothing for weddings is always changing. Think an intricate, ethnic cut-dana and Resham work on the top complemented with the dramatic flare of the palazzos– the Result–A well proportioned, leaner disposition. The palazzo crop top ensemble is gorgeous and trendy, with scallop cutouts at the waistline and blouse neckline. We'd say it’s a brilliant investment. 
Also, can we talk about the unparalleled relief and sass they offer, and that too–at once. If you’d like to take a pause from confined tailoring, Palazzo Pants are here to be your savior. When paired with Embellished Tops, these jaunty garments are captivating, bonafide. Now since we’re doing a slimmer look, keep your palazzos high-waist, and if you aren’t comfortable with the crop top, pair it with a breezy jacket. Trust us, with these tips–your leaner outlook shines bright like a diamond. 

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