Unique Ethnic Outfit Ideas You Need To Try, Right Now

Unique Ethnic Outfit Ideas You Need To Try, Right Now

The aura of fashion experts and tastemakers alike changes as the fashion seasons witness shift. Trends may come and go but certain outfit ideas leave a permanent imprint on our minds. With the season's shift in preferences come a slew of fresh trends, styling tips, and ultra-chic outfit suggestions! We’ve dived deeper in the world of styling to bring you the most refreshing and unique ethnic outfit ideas. 
Prepare to radiate brilliant charm in the hottest Indian and Indo-inspired looks as Ethnic Fashion takes an unconventional, forward and unique route, a journey you can never ever get enough of !!!

Neon It Up 

Traditionally confined to summers and springs, the vibrancy of neons has now scattered the eternal route. It was therefore inevitable that the shade would dominate the ethnic wear department too. 
When wearing this season's newest trends, it's wonderful to incorporate these colors into ultra-stylish lehenga cholis, adorned masks (yes, we’re still doing it), and of course, jewelry. Think Kurtis, lehengas, and sarees but with a touch of summertime freshness, in the shades of vibrant yellows, greens, and pinks. And yes, Neons are as good during the fall as resplendent they are in summers. Thanks to Komal Pandey, we know very well how to pair ethnic wear with jackets and sweaters. 
Neon Sarees are making a striking statement and it’s really a must have in your wardrobe, yk !!!
We’d recommend color-blocking for an eternal flamboyance. It’s all proportions when donning Neons, so balance the neon shade or neon accents with light neutral tones like eggshell and beige and/or striking jewel tones like navy or deep wine.

Belt A Saree Up

Remember, we’re shattering glass ceilings with our Indian Wears. Giving our ethnic wear a contemporary discourse, pairing classic belts with our sarees is the trendiest fashion forecast we cannot get enough of.  Want to seem like a business lady in Indian fashion? Choose a straightforward yet eye-catching cotton saree, a fitted knit top for the blouse, and a chic belt to offer a unique edge to your ensemble. This is a look that will have you walking into every space with the utmost sophistication because it is sleek and put together. 
The simplest of the most recent fashion trends to wear, you can add some innovation to your appearance by choosing a jeweled kamarband for more formal settings.
Sunglasses Please !!!
We have to give it to the Veteran Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee who made this look synonymous with an elite disposition. With an Indian touch on a classic flair of  Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast At Tiffany's", if you want to talk business with your countenance, this terrific method transforms your appearance from pedestrian to an extraordinary one in no time. Pair a well-styled traditional Indian attire (saree/long skirt, typically for a day function) with a pair of tinted sunglasses. Wearing one of the newest fashion trends dominating this summer will make you feel distinct and exude your fashion hegemony like nothing else.  
Styling Tip: For a polished appearance this summer, use sunglasses with a modern tint and coordinate their color with the hues of your saree, lehenga, or kurta. 

Halter Neck 

A halter neckline is a timeless design that is ideal for the hottest months of the year, but it's timelessness surpasses all seasons. Comfortable, Congenial and stylish, all at once, you need to get one of the blouses for your sarees in this chique, halter shaped neckline. To adapt this eye-catching and statement silhouette to your Indian wear wardrobe is a necessity, if we may so so.  
We’d recommend a vibrant, traditional Indian print, such as Ikat or khadi, for your blouse, and keep your saree simple, subtle and tonal, and in one color.

Dhoti Pants 

We’re still not over Priynka Chopra’s Dhoti Pants look, and she isn’t the only one who cements this attire. Fashion icons like Sonam Kapoor and Aditi Rao Hydari are big time Dhoti Pants admirers, and understandably so. Conventionally constrained as a masculine silhouette, Dhoti Pants have decided to be unisex and are a women’s favourite for quite some tie now. 
A fashionable summer alternative because of its transparent, airy, and incredibly cool disposition, Dhotis have dominated the Sangeet and Mehendi Functions as Millenials and Gen-Z favorites. 
Many new fusion dhoti-inspired designs are a significant component of the newest fashion trends in India, drawing influence from this traditional and famous men's garment. This trend creates some stand-out fashion moments whether it is combined with the saree silhouette for a stylish dhoti-saree look or worn as a dhoti pant with jackets and bandhgalas! 
A Style Tip we’d like to add. If you want to create a more dainty look, dress these up with statement stiletto heels or strappy sandals. But if you are looking forward to creating a more rugged, Indo-Western fusion ensemble, pair this garment with ankle-length or military-style boots, and serve. 

Saris And Kurtas Together, Yes Please !!!

This outfit concept is a winner for you if you are tired of wearing the same old Indian classic in the same old way. The kurta-saree pair is one of the most daring and experimental Indian fashion trends, combining two of the greatest silhouettes for Indian wear. Choose a saree to wear with your Kurtis for women instead of the customary slacks, salwar, pajamas, or churidar. To successfully implement one of the newest fashion trends of the season, lengthen the palla of your saree and reduce the pleated area to reduce bulk underneath. This will allow you to adapt the saree's drape to a kurta length. 
You can choose from a variety of Kurtis, but the one we suggest is an empire-line angrakha, a one with eccentric prints throughout for a modern and disruptive aesthetic. 

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