Top 5 Ethnic Wear Trends For 2023

Top 5 Ethnic Wear Trends For 2023

The year is on the verge of conclusion, but the Indian attire trends have just begun, and as the Shaadi Season comes accompanied with the party ones, it's the perfect time that these ethnic wear outfits are added to your cart! Oh, these trends of the fashion industry, how quickly they change, and though that might be a source that halts fashion from going monotone, it sometimes might get a little too much. We get it, but don’t worry, consider the Priyuja Fashion Team, your ethnic besties. Here, we bring to you some beautiful designs and refreshing trends that are going to make your not so glam look, oh-so-glammed. 


It can be challenging to determine whether your outfit is "too traditional" or "out of the box" in the modern world, when fashion refuses to be regulated, but we have a few options we’re sure you’d love to try. Let's continue our never-ending love affair with the elegance of ethnic ensembles by binging on some of the newest and refreshing contemporary designs mixed with western styles, shall we?


Off-Shoulder Blouse:


A result of the well promulgated Indo Western Fusion, an off shoulder blouse is your best best in case standing out in terms of ethnic fashion is what you are aiming for. And yes, it would be a major understatement to call off-shoulder blouses just a fad. So, if you want to try something refreshing, try an off shoulder blouse with your saree, and let the contemporary soiree do the talking. They seem to top the ranks of fashion-fiesta’s wardrobe, no matter the season, and we forecast it is going to be there for a while.


So flaunt off your lehenga and/or saree’s sophistication by pairing it up with the contemporary outlook of an off shoulder blouse or crop top. You can even experiment with a balloon sleeves crop top.


We anticipate these alluring sarees are perfect for trying this surreal trend.


Ethnic Co-Ord Sets


Layering a little bit over your go-to pieces has never been not in vogue. Capes and coats that are easy to wear enhance your fashion. You can wear them as fashion accessories to offer your appearance a unique touch, whether you're wearing a lehenga or two-piece sets.


The grandeur of Indian Embroidery when marries the silhouettes of a co-ord sets in beautiful colors, congeniality breathes in. Best of both worlds, you know. You get the heavy detailing and the embroidery well attributed by the desi silhouettes with the comfort the contemporary counterparts offer.


Since pastels have been reigning, we’d recommend a co-ord set in the shades of corals, ceruleans or lilacs for a high-octane ride of a look. We’d recommend your hair tied in a bun, some roses embossed, and a pair of statement Chand Balis please !!!

Flares Flares And Flares


The front knot blouse style is a simple way to make a statement in today's fusion Indian attire. When you want something unique, cozy, and extremely fashionable, it can create the ideal lehenga look! We’re talking flares, flares and flares. Now it could be by going all the way donning a Lehenga, or an exquisite Anarkali.


Since you would want to keep the entire outlook new and refreshing, here are a few tips that might help. If extra and eccentric is your aesthetic, and you leave no opportunity to don the flares of a lehenga, do it with a blouse with exaggerated shoulders. Now, it could be puff sleeved, capes flowing from the sleeves, bell sleeves, or shoulder high puffed pads, a striking blouse will make your look, distinct, giving you a beautiful indo-western outfit that will surely make a style statement.



Also, hear us out, if you’d want to move one step ahead, we would recommend pairing your Lehenga, or a saree for that matter, with a corset. Yes, you heard it right, a corset. It may seem like a tough task, but thanks to the queen of unconventional fashion, Komal Pandey, you have plenty of inspo to try in case you’d want to resonate towards the extra side of fashion.


See, the thing is, We’re casual all year out, and festive/wedding/party seasons deserve regality and eccentricity, wouldn’t you agree. It’s time to step away from casual and experiment with your style. So how about we give them some by drenching in a Lehengas, which are a forever favorite. Only, we do that with our own angle, you know, to weave our own fairy tales with our garments.

Sequin Fever


One can never ever have too much sequin and their perennial omnipresence has always, and to this day, been a style statement. The handcrafted sequin work is the most crucial item to add to your cart if you want to stay on trend as it is appropriatefor occasions of all kind. Always sparkly and will quickly brighten your look. A fashion favorite amongst style icons like Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, and Komal Pandey, sequin never ever goes out of style.


At Priyuja, we have some immaculate Sequin Sarees we’re sure you are going to love. If you are looking for some Sequin Sarees, or Sequin Party Wear Sarees Online, end your search here and shop right away to adorn your outfit with some glitz, glamour and retro sass.


With the Indian attire’s camaraderie with a kaleidoscope of colors, exquisite hand embroideries, and nonchalant motifs, if you are looking for some amazing Ethnic Outfit Ideas to don this Shaadi Season, and make a statement for yourself, you can never ever go wrong with glitters and sequins.

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