The Only Guide You Need To Look Your Best In Ethnic Wears

The Only Guide You Need To Look Your Best In Ethnic Wears

The Indian wedding season is in full swing following the years of pandemic which turned the celebrations sorrowful and mundane. Now, you deserve to and should get dressed to your best ability. However, if you are unsure of the latest trends or what will look best on you, purchasing new ethnic clothing might be difficult, right? If not tedious, it certainly is overwhelming. What trends are in, will it suit me, what if I do over the top, what if I under deliver, blah blah, blah, there are thousands of questions that you have before you decide to buy your ethnic wear online, right. 
The good news is that shopping for the best clothes and accessories for every occasion has become simpler thanks to the online market, and trends at our fingertips. To put on a stunning appearance, shop online at Albeli Ekam, for these wonderful pieces of women's ethnic clothing.


A Long Floor Length Dress With Dupatta

Indian women cherish wearing a long floral dress with a dupatta as it not only presents them as magnificent but is also incredibly convenient. As a result, a floor length dress paired with a gorgeous dupatta is one of the most recent trending ethnic clothing styles for ladies. 
Such dresses are appropriate for any kind of event or celebration. Additionally, once you've had your fill of selfies in this garment, even on more informal events, you can still be prepared to wear these beautiful garments. You could wear a full length suit, or a subtle gown, but ensure to let your dupattas do the talking. 

Kurtas Paired With Shrug

A long cotton kurta with a shrug has earned a spot in the newest ethnic fashion craze in India. Women are increasingly wearing three-piece outfits. Ever since this trend has been going gaga, our in house Fashion Expert team at Albeli Ekam is too fond of this comfy trend. 
It works perfectly to make you feel good, look great, while you can indulge in your day today activities, yk. This is what makes it a fashionable and cozy option for any situation. The fact that this kurta may be worn with leggings, jeans, or a skirt is the second feature which is basically cherry on the top. The shrug works really well thus giving the ensemble a refined touch.

Palazzo Kurta Set

Designer printed palazzo kurta sets are more prominent than most other ethnic garments in the Indian market. They are available in a variety of shades and designs, are convenient to wear, and look trendy and stylish. Isn't that what we desire, exactly? Palazzo kurta sets are ideal for a wide range of events, including weddings, parties, picnics, and more.

Block Printed Saree

Saree block printing has a long and rich history that goes back to the 18th century. Women of all ages flocked to block-printed sarees, which became an instant hit in the marketplace, a few years back. However, there was a brief period when the machine-printed saree nearly supplanted the block-printed saree on the market. Nevertheless, as they say, old is gold, these block printed sarees have made quite the resurgence and we’re all for it. 
A millennial maven, these saris are the most sought after as the modern generation craves to appear chique, but never uncomfortable. With a variety of colors to choose from, give your Pinterest Moodboard a tangible form with these aesthetic sarees. 

Short Kurtis

Kurtis are loved by everyone, quite literally. A marvel amongst college goers, wearing fashionable short Kurtis with a variety of bottoms is more or less like a uniform for a major section. Who doesn’t love wearing Kurtis, and pairing it well with Junk Jewelries.  
With India’s tropical and humid climate, College ladies and Indian women alike frequently don the short Kurtis throughout the summer. However, more specifically, the most well-liked fashions in the Indian subcontinent in the prevalent times is the short Kurti. 
Short Kurtis come in a variety of designs, patterns, colors, and fabrics. At Albeli Ekam, we have a wide variety of Kurtis and we are going to spoil you for choices. 

Kurta Paired With Skirt

As per the latest fashion forecasts, breezy attires have taken the foreground. Now whether or not it's in vogue, comfortable clothes are something we seek on a regular basis. Now, conversing about breathable and flowy garments could not be fruitful if skirts aren’t a part of that. Women enjoy wearing kurtas with skirts since they are among the most comfortable ensembles, particularly in the summer.
Additionally, it's one of the most adaptable costumes you may wear for any event. Ditch the pajamas, and try pairing your Kurta with a dazzling skirt, and witness the fashion goddesses bestowing their sartorial blessing to you. 

More Ivories, Please

If the latest edition of FDCI Fashion Week is any emblem, Ivory has been declared the official color of 2022. Famous personalities, celebrities, actresses, fashion influencers and fashion designers alike are cementing their takes on ethnic wear with this new shade. 
The best thing about this neutral color is how beautifully it brings out the beauty of embellishment and embroidery. It is one of the most alluring tones and brings out your natural beauty by enhancing all complexions.

Double Dupatta Delight

For a few years now, double dupattas have been a major trend in fashion. The elaborately embroidered borders give your silhouette more vertical stability and give you a leaner appearance. This outfit has a sense of opulence thanks to the celebrities who have chosen to don it for their coveted functions. 
Those who decided to wear the dupatta traditionally over their heads instead of in more contemporary fashions are few in number. Perfect in case you want to keep your attire subtle but let your Dupatta be the showstopper. 

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