Modern Saree Hacks You Need To Try This Wedding Season

Modern Saree Hacks You Need To Try This Wedding Season

Saree is undeniably the most gracious garment a girl can ever blend herself in! But in case you are a newbie who has not often worn a saree, your dream of appearing stylish in six yards of pure grace seems to shatter, right. We get it, donning a saree is indeed overwhelming. Right from handling the pallu to making sure that the pleats do not fall, there is lots that goes in to ensure an all poised outlook in a saree. 
But don’t worry, our in-house team of Fashion Experts at Albeli Ekam always has your back. Ditch all the worries of witnessing any cloth cabinet malfunction in your minds, as we bring to you a few clever, refreshing and fashionable hacks you could use to hold in a hassle-free, yet fashionable manner. 

Pair It With Pants, Girl 

Indo Western Fusion has been dominating the fashion concos for decades now, and if you wish to appear that outlook, ditch the petticoat and drape your saree over a pair of pants, or jeans for that matter. Pant sarees have been a fashion favorite of the likes of Shilpa Shetty, Malaika Arora Khan, and Masoon Minawala, and with the difference between ramps and roads reducing, we’re forecasting this trend to be a household name soon. 
Super comfortable, elegant and stylish, if unconventional, yet comfortable is your aesthetic, get yourself a readymade Pant Saree girl. If you don’t want a ready made one, nothing like styling one with a pair of jeans you have. We’ll, however, recommend a skinny one for am edgy disposition. 

Jacket is Up

Winters are upon us, and so is the urge to be comfy, cozy and stylish. Now, how do we do that with ethics? Well, it is a no brainer, now thanks to Fashion Influencers like Komal Pandey and Kritika Khurana. So, next time you wonder what to do when it is chilling cold outside but you dream gotta slay in a saree? You pair it up with a statement jacket and, that’s it, you are fall-ready, instantly.

Pallu Goes The Other Way Round 

One of the most excruciating tasks while managing a saree is the delicacies its Pallu demands, right. We get it, handling the pallu is nothing less than a tiresome challenge you need to accept when you decide to wear a saree. But hey, thanks to Indian designer’s contemporary approach, this problem seems to blur as sarees get a whole new approach in the quest of comfort and style.

Stitched saree

The fear of saree getting unfolded is real, and so is the trend of semi-stitched sarees. We love how semi-stitched sarees have come to the rescue of women who find it challenging to hop around in saree. Opting for semi-stitched sarees can not only ease the draping process but also keep your saree in place while you dance the night away!

Set it with a belt

After the belted lehengas trend it is the belted sarees that are having a major moment in the fashion scene. And let me tell you, they look super voguish. Bollywood fashionistas approve of this trend too!

Carry a Belt bag along

Belt bags are in vogue for quite a while now but all thanks to a famous fashion blogger, Masoom Minawala that they are being fashioned with sarees too. Women's clothing is any way deprived of pockets and storage but you can up the comfort level and stay hassle-free in a saree by setting it up with a belt bag around your waist.

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