Get Onboarded Girls, Shararas Are Having An IT Moment !!!

Get Onboarded Girls, Shararas Are Having An IT Moment !!!

Do your wardrobe a favor, take cues from your favorite Bollywood Bombshells and get these Shararas this Festive Season 
Millennials and their obsession with “Sharara-Sharara '' can be attributed to the track that every 90s kid tapped their feet to at every party they attended. There was a time when all we wanted to was don our Shararas, shine silver bindis on our foreheads, and look for our “Jimmy Shergill”. (Some of us still are, btw)
Eventually from the TV screens, the look took to magazines, and eventually every Indian Household Weddings. Now, it’s been over twenty years since the track was released, and finally, Gen-Z and Millenials are in agreement over one thing– “Shararas Are The Moment”. 
You’re only human and you also want to ride the bandwagon and buy one of these sartorial pieces of clothing, right? Consider this a tale of Shararas and the only guide you need to buy your favorite item. 
It doesn't matter if you resonate with the amped-up aesthetic, or if toned-down fits your bill, there’s something for all of us here. 
So let’s dive in, shall we? 

Regal Rhapsody

If you want to be drenched with classic handlooms and savor your regal aesthetic, we’ll recommend a set that features sartorial combinations like violet with gold gota-patti work, intricate embroidery, or the timeless Gujarati Marodi Kaam over a Banarsi fabric. Let the bottom flares steal the scene by choosing the top with a shorter stretch. 
Who said the grandness of Banarsi can only be obtained through Saris, Shararas do the job with equal caliber, if not better. Pour it at your Pooja Ceremony, and reserve it for your friend’s wedding later. 

Peplum Portrayal

Have you thought about donning a Flare-on-Flare combo, cause we have, and let us tell you, you are going to endear it. As demonstrated by A-listers like Mira Kapoor, on several occasions, proportion is the key here, so we’d advise you to choose a short top with peplum’s alchemy accentuating above the waist. 
Go for shararas which are body-skimming towards the torso, and then above the knee, ripple a breathtaking tale of flares while you twirl. 
To elongate your demeanor, we’d advise a belt-like embroidery right before the peplum starts to demonstrate its dazzle. Not only will this enhance your curves, but also assist in giving you a leaner, taller, and slimmer illusion. 
We’d recommend keeping your hair open and letting a pair of statement studs do the talking. 
Or, hear us, if you are excruciated with keeping your hairs open being synonymous with every ethnic wear, we think a ponytail hairdo will look divine with this gaze, especially if your sharara is substantial. If you’re up for experimenting with what we like to call the ‘Desi Ariana Discourse’, give high-pony a try and we’re sure you’ll admire the outcome. 

Embroidered Embellishments

There’s something about embellishments that takes away the spotlight from a myriad of statement pieces and diverts it towards itself. If spark is your foreground, an embellished silhouette is a no-brainer. 
Take cues from Yami Gautam and Kiara Advani who are fans of this aesthetic. The 3-D effect on these ensembles solidifies the regal possession, and will make your wardrobe eternally grateful that you blessed it with such a statement-piece

Minimal Madame

Well, well, well, there’s always going to be someone who finds sanctuary is subtle (well our tip is to never do subtle, but you do you, bestie). And don’t you ever confuse subtlety with humdrum, it knows how to speak for itself. We know, garments show our personality without having us utter a word, and if subtlety is your sartorial uprising, Alia’s here to ensure you excel with distinction. 
First off, choose a hue that savors your aesthetic. We’re talking ivories, corals, lilacs, beiges, and more. You get it, right? Now since we’re keeping our narrative subtle, and minimal, we might wanna avoid fabrics all drenched in embroidery. In fact, we’re gonna be going for the patterns that let the simplicity of the silhouette breathe. 
We will however recommend you give your lips a crimson red makeover. Get Alia Bhatt to your mood board and you know what we’re talking about. As Vogue says, “Carefree does not mean casual”, and this demeanor promulgates the quote, as an ordinance. 

Prints On Prints

If you don’t wish to do any embroidery or embossed embellishments and wish to go for a breezy ride, choose a Printed Set with similar patterns head-to-toe. Pair it up with a net-dupatta in a contrasting hue with borders aligning to your attire, nude-shade sandals, and a statement bind to pull the look together.  


This eternal nawabi fabric pierces congeniality and comfort into any garment it resides in. The speciality of this fabric, it becomes your skin and your skin becomes this. As seen on Deepika Padukone, a Sharara too gets a sorcery-ladden disposition when done in Chikankari. If you have too many errands to run to, make Rangolis and plan to help your mom in your kitchen and want to go on for a lighter demeanor, yet a striking one, what are you waiting for, bestie?


How could we have missed this. There’s no print that does festive as well as a Bandhej does, so if you are looking for something splendid, yet comfy, you should be adding a Bandhani Print Sharara to your cart, right away. 

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