Why Is Women’s Ethnic Wear So Popular In India

Why Is Women’s Ethnic Wear So Popular In India

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of gazing at yourself in the mirror when you are drenched in traditional, head-to-toe. The charismatic embroidery, embellished sequins and mirrors narrating their own tales while they make a mansion for themselves on vibrant-hued fabrics. Be it the twirl-obsessed Lehengas, the rippling grace of sarees, or the sartorial Salwar, every time we decide to go ethnic, the princesses inside us, giggles. 
Indian Culture has always been known for exuding grandness, and attires were always the foreground way of showing that. The younger generation, or as we like to call the, the Gen-Zers too have shared a mutual admiration for these festive drenched ensembles, and here we decode the reason behind the ever increasing popularity of these ensembles 

Indo Western Fusion

The grandeur of traditional ensembles, has amalgamated with the western discourse, thus birthing a distinct aesthetic, termed as the Indo Western Fusion. The International Fashion Statement has been known for its suave style, sharp cuts and experimental narratives, whereas Indian traditional wear is known for its opulence and grace.
New-Age fashion designers have blended these two sensibilities, and given Indian Ensembles, a contemporary outlook, so it’s not merely reserved for specific events, but has become a daily wear thing. 
Think Kurtis with ripped jeans, embroidered blouses as crop tops, and you get the gist. In fact, thanks to Fashion Influencers, Lehengas which once was merely a show-piece after the wedding day, has taken to the roads, and rightfully so.

Western Celebs Donning Indian Attires

The popularity of the Indian ethnic wear reached new heights when it reached a global audience, thanks to Hollywood. With shows like Never Have I Ever promulgating the Indian Representation, and Hollywood Sensations gracing Sarees at events, the ethnic fashion boomed. Global Dominion Priyanka Chopra and Lily Singh too did their part by sharing their desi-drenched disposition. 
There was also a discussion on social media when Sarah Jessica Parker wore a Lehenga and called it a saree, thus causing a debate around Cultural Appropriation. Keeping the debate aside, this discussion gave Lehengas and Sarees a global platform with people obsessing over the overall appeal an Indian Garment carried, with its unparalleled grandeur. 
In the past, supermodels like Naomi Campbell have also donned in the six feet of pure grace, thus heralding the prominence of Ethnic Garments beyond.

We’re Always Festive

One thing that India and Indians can never get enough of is the festive, and the wedding season. We simply need a reason to drench in our desi attire, and festivals give us plenty of them. Embroidered Ethnic Ensembles have always been our favorite during festive occasions such as Navratri, Diwali, Dussehra, Karwa Chauth and Eid. With globalization, Asians living abroad also prefer to drench in their traditional garments when they celebrate away from home. These ensembles, then are’t merely fabrics anymore, they are emotion, pride, and individuality, all draped in one. 
With Social Media, Experimental Fashion isn’t runway-reserved and people aren’t scared of owning their individuality donning ethnic ensembles the way they want, thus booming the representation and demand for our Desi Wears. 
Looking to order some sarees to wear this Diwali, check out our latest party wear collection, and thank us later. 

Social Media Bringing Shops To Our Home

With social media, the gatekeepers of fashion have practically vanished. You can be in any corner of the world, and order the festive delights of Kolkata, Chinkankari from Lucknow, and Pakistani Suits from Rampur at a mere click. 
With this, people are not merely constrained by their geographical boundaries and can order anything that fits their aesthetic appeal, thus broadening their choice. With the ease of a mere click, people get their desired ensemble, and when it’s show day, click pictures of it, share snaps of it, thus influencing their closed circle to a deity like exuberance. This word of mouth through social media is also a prominent reason for Desi Wear’s Exponential Popularity. 
The craftsmanship of Indian Karigars is a beautiful tale, as old as time, and with social media, the weaved tales are reaching every corner of the world, this fueling demand. 
If you too are looking for a range of Party Wear, Organza, or Georgette Sarees, Kurtis, or anything ethnic in general, check out our Ethnic Section. Trust us, you’re in for a treat. 

Bollywood- Bollywood

The influence the Bollywood Industry has on its audience is unparalleled. Be it Rekha’s Kanchipuram, Bipasha’s embroidered heaven, Deepika’s Printed Sarees,  Aditi’s admiration to regality, or Alia’s never ending love for Chikankari, when these Bollywood Actresses wear ensembles, they promulgate fashion ordinances, which then travels through magazines, social media, to our homes and wedding events. 
Recently, when Aishwarya Rai wore a Kalidar, Red embroidered suit, the search for Red Suits on the search engines skyrocketed. (We have some cool red ethnic ensembles, btw) 
Bollywood Actresses are not stopping drenching in ethics any time soon, and neither is our obsession with watching them, and wanting to dress like them.
With social media to the rescue, people can buy opulent pieces at an affordable price. Now, who wouldn’t want to look princessy .

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